B*witched – Minerva Canna Group

Bwitched - Minerva Canna Group

B*witched – Sativa Dominant – Minerva Canna Group – THC 16.93% – CBD .18%

  • Medical – Pain, Stress, Depression
  • Effects – Uplifting, Creative, Engaged
  • Flavors – Earthy, Floral, Piney

This Ocean Grown Seeds strain is a cross between Wizard’s Potion and Witches Weed – when cut produces frosty buds with a unique dominant terpene profile. B*witched reportedly provides a “vibrant daytime experience”.

Cannaisseur – Y’all this bud smells like fresh mountain air the morning after rain, so I was excited to smoke it. The high had a soft onset that blossomed into a clear-headed and creative mental state. It lessened my anxiety and gave me a pleasant sense of overall calm without totally incapacitating me. I would smoke this again, especially if I have semi-demanding tasks to complete.

Comrade Dab – This is great bud for starting the day. It provides a pleasant but not overwhelming head high. I didn’t have an overly clear high, so I don’t know that I’d recommend this strain for a busy day.


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